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Title : Powerload

Description : The masculine magnetism of Jake Genesis makes cocks leap to attention. Shane Frost has a sexy charm and attitude that matches his fine-tuned body. Jake and Shane are making out, naked, when we first see them. Jake has Shane by the buns while Shane is handling Jake’s nipples.

Two hard cocks twitch in the space between. Jake’s veins throb when Shane sucks him, wrapping his tongue around the shaft like a flag around a flagpole until it starts to leak precum. They switch off. Shane lies on a table and kicks a leg around Jake’s neck while Jake returns the blowjob, nuzzling his nuts and massaging his taint. The massage begins with a thumb and ends with a tongue, until Shane’s hole is wet and pulsating, ready to be fucked.

Shane’s big balls lurch loose in their sack as Jake pumps him, then when it looks like Shane’s going to turn over, they swap and Shane drills Jake from behind. Jake has worked up a thirst so he kneels for Shane to cum in his mouth while jacking out his own load. He swoops his thumb through the puddle of jism and licks it off, standing up for a final cummy kiss.

Actors : Jake Genesis, Shane Frost

Categories : Anal, Big Dick, Bodybuilder, butts, Hairy, Tattoos

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