Next Door Buddies Conan McGuire and Alex Mecum

Conan McGuire and Alex Mecum fuck and fuck hard on the couch

Description of this hot scene below

Title : Married Secrets

Description : Torn between his marriage and his heart, Conan McGuire is struggling with the former so as not to betray the latter. Staying at best friend Alex Mecum’s house, he wishes he could tell Alex the whole story, but he’s afraid of alienating him.

When Alex happens upon Conan and his ‘chat’ buddy, Conan’s secret is out, and suddenly, it convinces Alex to confront his mutual feelings for his long time friend. As they face off in the hall, Conan’s nerves are firing, and as much as he’d like to deny it, Alex’s passion is burning him inside as well.

When they kiss, these feelings explode, and they two of them consummate these sudden revelations in a carnal frenzy a lifetime in the making. Enjoy!

Actors : Conan McGuire, Alex Mecum

Categories : Anal Sex, Big Muscles, Blowjob, Condom, Deep throat, Muscular

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