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gay porn

gay porn

Title : Ryan Knightly

Description : Ryan Knightly is built to last and ready for action. A fanatic in the gym, Ryan is a national physique competitor, and nothing gets his juices flowing like showing off a little. Here, we catch up with him at the end of his workout, in need of a shower and a little wind down.

Slowly, he undresses and steps underneath the shower head, letting the water trickle down his neck and down the small of his back. Lathering up, he makes sure to scrub in all the hard to reach places, slippery soap all over his chiseled wet body.

Stepping out and drying off, he lays back on the bed with his towel wrapped around him, nudging his hand beneath the folds and discovering a nice hard surprise between his legs. And even though he’s freshly clean, that doesn’t stop him from entertaining his dirty thoughts, so he slips his grip around his shaft and proceeds to do what comes natural. The only thing he’s waiting for is you. Enjoy!

Actors : Ryan Knightly

Categories : Big Muscles, Gay Porn, HD Movies, Masturbation, Solo, Tattoo/Piercing

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