Raging Stallion Cole Connor and Derek Kage

Cole Connor and Derek Kage bareback sex at a recording studio

raging stallion

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Actors: Cole Connor, Derek Kage

Categories: Anal, Bodybuilder, Hairy, butt play, Oral, Foreskin, rimming, Tattoos, cum shots, butts, Big Dick, Bareback

Description: After listening to hours of seductive storytelling from ‘Cruising Confidential’ host Derek Kage, audio engineer Cole Conner can’t stop himself from reaching down and gently stroking his throbbing cock.

To Derek’s pleasure, Cole walks to the other side of the recording booth with his stiff dick and begins undressing Derek — all while the podcast host continues to narrate the steamy situation. The two move over to the studio’s black leather couch where Derek orally services both Cole’s pole and hole. More blowjob pics!

With no one else around and the microphone still recording the raw sounds of their skin-on-skin encounter, the two flip-fuck bareback across the sofa until Derek is unleashing a torrent of cum across Cole’s cheeks at the same time Cole is squirting his own load

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