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Title : Mixed Emotions

Description : The last person Scotty Zee would ever expect to come over this late at night would be bully Victor Powers, and yet, here he is standing in the doorway, apologizing to Scotty for being such a prick. Scotty can’t believe his ears, much less does he believe the sincerity of Victor’s empty pleas, and he tells Victor there’s really nothing he can do to make up for it.

Victor instantly kisses Scotty hard on the mouth, and Scotty realizes that Victor’s cruelty was just a cover for his repressed urges. With the tables turned, Scotty takes control of the situation and lays Victor onto the bed, stripping him out of his shorts as he begins to suck him off. Victor lets Scotty do whatever he wants, and so Scotty flips him over and eats his virgin ass, stuffing it with his cock as he pounds the class’ toughest bully.

Scotty has his way with Victor, fucking him from behind and then sliding him over to his side, then spreading his legs wide and hammering Victor’s hole before sliding out and jizzing all over him. He then sucks Victor off, and Victor spits his first gay load all over himself as Scotty looks on approvingly, confident that Victor won’t be bullying him anytime in the future. Enjoy!

Actors : Scotty Zee, Victor Powers

Categories : Anal Sex, Blowjob, Climax, Deep throat, Rimming, Tattoo/Piercing

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