Sex on the couch Alexander Gustavo and Roman Todd

Sex on the couch Alexander Gustavo and Roman Todd after blowjob

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gay porn

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Title : Evening Bootycall

Description : As the witching hour approaches and the sun is long set behind them, Roman Todd and Alexander Gustavo decide pool time is over and repair to Roman’s living room to dry off and warm up. Roman doesn’t bother with the fireplace, deciding instead to heat the room with body energy, as he and Gustavo begin making out on the couch.

Gustavo was eager to come over, even at this later hour, and now his insatiable lust for Roman’s god like body has come to fruition, as he kisses his way down Roman’s chest and removes his shorts. Roman lets Gustavo have his way, resting his hand on the back of Gustavo’s head as he takes Roman’s dick all the way down his throat.

Gustavo strips out of his own clothes as he sucks Roman off, watching him throw his head back against the sofa as he downs the shaft to the base.Roman is good and ready to fuck, so he flips Gustavo onto his back and returns the favor, alternating between Gustavo’s cock and his hole, wetting it with his mouth before sticking it with his cock.

Gustavo begs for Roman’s hard cock and Roman does not disappoint, pounding Gustavo all over the living room and fucking the cum out of him before pulling out and coating his house guest with a late night treat.Enjoy!

Actors : Alexander Gustavo, Roman Todd

Categories : Anal Sex, Blowjob, Gay Porn, Hardcore, HD Movies, Tattoo/Piercing

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