Trystan Bull Nick Reeves and Max Morgan

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Title : My Stepdad Banged Me

Description : When Trystan Bull married Max Morgan’s mother, Max was thrilled to be part of a new, blossoming family. Then there was the first time he saw his new stepdad without a shirt. Max couldn’t help but stare at Trystan’s flawless upper body while his penis grew erect. Trystan noticed but never said anything to Max or his mother about the large boner Max popped on that particular occasion.

But he never forgot. The stresses of daily life and competing for Max’s mother’s attention have sometimes put a strain on Max and Trystan’s relationship. Today Max is hanging out with his pal Nick Reeves, a friend Max’s mother forbid him to see due to an incident that involved the boys being caught at school naked together in a bathroom stall. When Trystan finds the boys lounging poolside in the backyard on a weekday, he lectures his stepson about ditching school.

And if Max doesn’t want Trystan to tell mom that Nick has been hanging around, someone’s gonna have to suck stepdad’s big, hard cock. But that’s simply not enough to get these disobedient truants off the hook. After their hungry mouths share the Bull’s boner, Max will need to take a banging from his stepdad…no ifs, ands, or buts…well, some butts. Enjoy!

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